Accidents Illness
We must ask you not to bring your child to Daisy’s if they are unwell as infections spread quickly. We also have exclusion times for commutative diseases (see below) we will contact you as soon as your child becomes ill so that you can arrange collection as soon as possible.
This list is not exhaustive, and we must be informed of all illness even if you consider it to be insignificant.  Your GP will advise if you should keep your child off.
Disease/Illness How long to be excluded
Chickenpox Until all spots have scabbed over or 5 days whichever is longest.
Conjunctivitis Treatment should have commenced and the eyes have dried
Diarrhoea and Vomiting Until 24 hours after the last bout
Fifth Disease 3 days from onset
Flu 5 days
German Measles 5 days from rash onset
Head Lice Until treated
Hepatitis 5 days
Impetigo Until the lesions are completely crusted/healed
Measles Five days from onset
Mumps Five days
Scabies Until treatment has started
We hope parents will support us in excluding sick children as they would not want their well child to be exposed to infection.
We may refuse to allow a child to attend if they are unwell and we feel it necessary.  If a child is not infectious but unwell and needing one to one care, they will need to be at home.  Parents may be required to collect their child if they become unwell.  Any child with an infectious disease will need to be taken home as quickly as possible.
If your child needs medication while at Daisy’s you will be asked to sign a medicine form giving permission for the staff to administer it. We cannot administer any medicine without a consent form being signed.
Should you child have an minor accident at Daisy’s it will be recorded in the accident book which will be filled out and given to you to sign when you come to collect your child. All other accidents will be dealt with in accordance to our policies and parents will be informed ASAP.

Whilst every precaution is taken to safeguard your child we cannot be held reasonable for injury’s caused by other children. All our staff hold a current first aid certificate.

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