Key Workers
At Daisies we operate a key worker system. Each member of staff is a key worker responsible for a small group of children.

In order to plan our curriculum effectively, taking into consideration individuals needs, we keep records and monitor the progress of all the children who are at Daisy’s. These assessments are based on the six areas of Learning from the EYFS Framework and form the basis for their individual learning plans.

The key worker carries out observations and assessments on their group of children. This does not affect the children’s full involvement in all activities going on at nursery and generally the child is unaware of being observed. Your child’s Key worker will invite you to meet with them at a parent/carers consultation, this is a private meeting to discuss your child’s progress, these consultations are planned throughout the year, however if you would like a meeting prior to the schedule please feel free to arrange this appointment with your child’s Key worker.

We feel this system is valuable to all involved and allows the child, family and staff to get to know one another better and help each child achieve the most they possibly can during their time at Daisy’s. Parents/carers are always very welcome to come into Daisy’s and chat about any problems or worries. We send your child’s Profile (containing observations and photographs) home regularly for your perusal and comments.

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