Online Courts and the Future of Justice por Richard Susskind

February 20, 2020

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Titulo del libro: Online Courts and the Future of Justice
Autor: Richard Susskind

Richard Susskind con Online Courts and the Future of Justice

Críticas Artificial Lawyer doesn't do book reviews very often, but when the godfather of legal tech sends you a copy of his latest tome it's hard not to give it a go... there are many touchstones inside this book. It makes you want to engage in long conversations with other people who care about the subject of A2J. It also drives you to think your own thoughts, which is always welcome. So, all in all a positive experience and one that has to be recommended. (Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer)For anyone interested in the future of justice, and dispute resolution, more generally, whether in Courts or privately, and whether involving human beings, AI or a combination, Richard Susskind's new book is a must-read... it is the best book about the future of dispute resolution that exists and reinforces Richard's pre-eminent position as a thought leader and futurist. (Mark Beer, OBE, Chairman, The Metis Institute)Richard Susskind once more has produced a work that will stimulate debate and help fashion change and improvement. Online Courts and the Future of Justice is essential reading for those who care about the administration of justice. (Lord Burnett of Maldon, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)In this superb book, Richard Susskind has done us all a great service by demystifying the subject of courts and technology and laying bare our choices. The result is a wake-up call that we silence at our own peril. (Sundaresh Menon, Chief Justice of Singapore)In this ground-breaking book, Richard Susskind takes traditional views of justice, examines them through the lens of our modern technological era, and projects them into the future, to create a new vision of justice for the 21st century. Online Courts and the Future of Justice is essential reading for all those who desire a just society for everyone. (Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, 2000 to 2017)If our calling as lawyers and judges to pursue justice is to have purpose in these times, we must open our minds to the notion that our service to the public can be improved through technology and innovative thinking. Richard Susskind's persuasive and thoughtful case for online and extended courts inspires us in our ongoing quest to expand access to justice for all. (Judy Perry Martinez, President, American Bar Association) Reseña del editor In Online Courts and the Future of Justice, Richard Susskind, the world's most cited author on the future of legal services, shows how litigation will be transformed by technology and proposes a solution to the global access-to-justice problem. In most advanced legal systems, the resolution of civil disputes takes too long, costs too much, and the process is not just antiquated; it is unintelligible to ordinary mortals. The courts of some jurisdictions are labouring under staggering backlogs - 100 million cases in Brazil, 30 million in India. More people in the world now have internet access than access to justice. Drawing on almost 40 years in the fields of legal technology and jurisprudence, Susskind shows how we can use the remarkable reach of the internet (more than half of humanity is now online) to help people understand and enforce their legal rights. Online courts provide 'online judging' - the determination of cases by human judges but not in physical courtrooms. Instead, evidence and arguments are submitted through online platforms through which judges also deliver their decisions. Online courts also use technology to enable courts to deliver more than judicial decisions. These 'extended courts' provide tools to help users understand relevant law and available options, and to formulate arguments and assemble evidence. They offer non-judicial settlements such as negotiation and early neutral evaluation, not as an alternative to the public court system but as part of it. A pioneer of online courts, Susskind maintains that they will displace much conventional litigation. He rigorously assesses the benefits and drawbacks, and looks ahead, predicting how AI, machine learning, and virtual reality will likely come to dominate court service. Ver Descripción del producto

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