We are affiliated to the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA) and National Day Nurseries Accociation (NDNA) We follow the EYFS guide to curriculum. A theme is chosen each term and children have the opportunity to experience various activities around this theme including water play, painting, sand, dough, cooking, woodwork, music and physical exercise.

We provide a rich activity-centred environment in which children can engage in spontaneous play. We see our role in extending play by observing children, interacting with them, giving further information, adding or changing materials as appropriate and, in some instances, providing a sense of direction. We hope to educate children with a degree of self-confidence, appropriate social skills and self-direction, who are ready for the kind of sustained play which enables significant growth in knowledge and understanding.

Our curriculum fully prepares children to continue into the Foundation Stage at Primary School by covering the following seven areas of learning:


PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development):- Making relationships. Self-confidence and self awareness. Managing feelings and behaviour

CLL (Communication Language and Literacy):- Listening and attention. Understanding. Speaking.

PD (Physical development):- Moving and handling. Health and self-care.


MATHEMATICS:- Numbers. Shape, space and measure.

LITERACY:- Reading. Writing.

KUW (Knowledge and Understanding of the World) :-People and communities. The world. Technology.

EXPRESSIVE ART AND DESIGN :- Expolring and using new media and materials. Being imaginative.

We recognise that children progress at different rates which we support through individual attention and assessment.


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